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Schteve van McLaren

I don't have any idea about cooking, but I have noticed that people seem more impressed if you pile food on top of each other, rather than spread it around a plate. Also, if you're asked, any mention of texture, underlying flavour or heat seems to give the impression that you're an expert.

Brian Horton

There's a surfeit of food in the video if you can access the file (see alternative url). food like MARMITE, CRISPS and VAGY LETTUCE. proper yummy innit

Sibelius Quirk

I can't see the video. The food. I can't see it video. Is the video food? Cue it. The video. I can't video it but food. Comma. Food food food. See. Help me. Hello?

Adam Crozier

I am a businessman who spends his lunchhour on social networking sites and i would have preferred a rundown on heston's venison sorbet. If i am not filled up, my stomach charges havoc +200 points.

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