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Helmut (Germania)

In so many ways you are making me live again after my divorce. I had many times when I was so low I wanted to go out and do horrible things. But in your country there is RSPCA which is for the best. Now I spend all my spare time in my room with the windows closed. It is like a breathing of fresh air.

ist dazzle weir heit


I'm hosing down now call me at the office


No she lost the keys so I ended up staying with Phil


It's a disgrace. They make you PAY the insurance and then give you an inferior model when it breaks down. They stitch you up at every corner. You out tonight?


If the guarantee runs out within 6 months your ok but later you get only a 70 percent refund..

Ron Trickey

It looks like you're trying to shock with your bad taste humour without having any laugh out loud moments like comedy merchants like Peter Sellers. It's all fart humour with you

ths tehcnolgy maeks me so mad why dnt' we use typwriters aynmore ?

what's this? mcclintock wears strapless satin dress?

Mr. C. Reiss

I would kindly like you to stop phoning my hospital ward. I am trying to get some peace with billiards, hand relief and flute practice so I don't need your kind you dubble glazing spiv!!!

J R Hartley

Actually seeing as Jeremy is such a close friend of Chris Martin, as he already reminded us once on this site, perhaps I could offer the hand of friendship, on behalf of the McClintock Massive, to all those Coldplay fans out there who may be curious to eavesdrop on some serious political debate? Jeremy is an Oxfam supporter. And he doesn't even wear a wristband, at least not in public.

J R Hartley

What odds that 50 years from now Chris'll be phoning round trying to find a second hand shop that's got a copy of Para Shoots ?

Tim W

Chris said on Storytellers that they got the name Yellow by looking around the room and seeing the Yellow Pages, and he thought the word 'yellow' would fill in the lyrical gap nicely.


Wow, the piste and Coldplay. Perhaps we can dream of a collaboration with Snow Patrol soon? Oh, we can dream.

Let's hope Chris has learned not to eat yellow snow.


He knows where he can shove that pineapple...

Andy Tanner

I've heard there's one called 'Pineapple'.

Humph Jenik

Those crazy Coldplay guys. I bet there's a song on the new album inspired by a fruit.

when are they going to give you a MEB? If they give one to David Beckham why not you ? You rock cowboy



Xanadu Gonads

Now, now Phil, no need for language like that. I for one am keeping an open mind until I hear the new album. Rumour has it one of the tunes includes Bono playing a trouser press.

Phillip Thankkin

Q = What does X & Y equal
A = Indulgent cunts

Tony Hapsburg

Chris, did you get those Oxfam bands off your wrist in time for the piste. I know the Austrians have strict rules about downhill accessorising.

Harriet Childs

Finally I'm out of doors! JOY. The freedom we enjoy to walk and write cheques is bliss. I am down to my final pennies but until I send my last dole payment to Madonnas daughtor they will not stop me oh now!


Yo!! Coldplay forever

Shaz Kiely

Come on Chris when is the new album coming out???

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