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P Childs

Harriet I'm leaving you. I can't support that wall any more. Please call a builder. I want a life.

Harriet Childs

JOY for the new day that dawns. JOY for the autographs donated by our film stars to handicap boys, they are not mental like the sick. I want to buy a James Dean one even if it means homeless people and retards will have to get abused. If the sick could see the good the film stars do they would get off their fat backside and get a job cleaning cinemas. But I love sick people as long as they work as celebrity lookalikes.

Harriet Childs

Oh cologne sweat of Harrison Ford the celebrity life is hard. He is like a new Saint Paul. I have been asleep in the cinema for days. They are AMAZING. I have written a book on shit roll and will post to Harrison tomorrow

Cuckoo Nest

You are confusing 'communications' with an 's' and 'communication' without. The first is to do with information technology the second everything including the first. If people can't use phones 'correctly' then it has nothing to do with literacy. What am you talking about?

No Name

Heidegger was wrong it's not angst but boredom which is the root question of the human condition

Shining Path

I thought that Star wars was the name of a Pentagon project during Reagan's time, against communist evil forces. God bless him. I didn't know that they were into restaurant business. Did they have literacy courses in the restaurant? Who's Lucas, a Pentagon contractor or what? I am confused.One thing is sure, people who do understand the alfa and omega of making money don't need any school, school sounds too communist to my ears.

Mon Motha

Its a Cantina, not a "milk bar". If you mis-reference Star Wars you risk losing the valuable nerd vote.

North East Charmer

I would like to take you up on the Star Wars reference (the green alien is called Greebo by the way)and highlight an atrocity that reflects our social climate.
Han Solo, as you rightly said, should be the basis of our law enforcement. This is reinforced in the movie when Greebo (the green alien - probably illegal as well) is about to commit a crime - kidnapping Han Solo - Han shoots him with his Blaster (model XV-73 I think). Hurray for the good guys - one if not many more crimes are averted by neutralising the bad guy. How often we wish this to be the case in real life.

Now, fast forward 20 years when George Lucas releases his "Special Editions" cash cow. George, in some unknown wisdom, edits this scene so that Greebo (the green, now known to be illegal, alien) shoots first! This weakens Han Solo by making him into a reactionary victom instead of the embodiment of strong law enforcing that the low lifes should fear.

What I would like to The Right Path Party do is remove these "Special Edition" government who have rendered our law enforcement impotent. What we need are the orginals, where our Policemen can shoot first and eradicate the threat from streets. So Yes! Han Solo for head of Met, but the Han Solo from the 70's.

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