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Fabrice Francis

Right or wrong, you have built a movement in the shadow of a national identity crisis. You have promised a great deal, moralized, sermonized, flashed your cocktail of original thoughts and dangled a carrot in front of this country's wayward youth: follow you and they'll have a meaningful future. It's a hard message, sometimes falling on deaf ears, but always spoken with fervent pride, humility, and generosity.

Louis Stoker

To deceive or to oppress, many must so think in order to win a meagre sustenance. Here we have with the RPP the chance to change it all. Will it be a fading hope or will we join together to make a better world happen. Spencer wrote. "the righteous is the one loves the most."

Harriet Childs

It is amazing what a cinema experience can do. Is it any WONDER that the imaage rules the world! Because it is cinema which proves that we are alive. Godard, Capra, Murnau have taught us about the fragile beauty of image. But queers should be banned from cinemas.

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