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Terry Parvenu-De Moulins

Hi Jeremy,
Sorry it has been a while. I, errr, lost my phone...
Just a quickie to ask if you can spread the word about a charity polo match I and some of the guys are organising to raise awareness (and funds!) for a sadly necessary new charity.
Yesterday's tragic events will have touched most of us, I'm sure. And your blog about the daily struggle of families on the 'bread'-line really hit home.
So if anyone is free on Saturday the 31st of Sept in the Henley area, please make your way to the showground and donate generously.
For more info go to:
Thanks Jez.

Gary Stevens

I'm all for the demise of the takeaway generation. People seem to think that a bag of cold chips constites a salad - no wonder our kids are turning into fatties. When I was a lad, we'd always pick the wheezy lads last for our football team; now you'd be stuck to find a chubby who can run for more than 10 metres, without the promise of a biscuit.

As long as this food education doesn't involve some fat-tongued idiot telling me about celeriac, I'm all for it.

Harry Coburg

I went to Mario's near Twikkers after we trounced the French once; have to say i had no problem at all i thought the people down there great, especially the guys who were most generous with their beer. Coqueslow shows a fear I can now never have after my tour of duty

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