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H License

I think the problem with British society right now is it needs a good spring clean to clean out the cobwebs of New Labour. This goes not just to the heart of politics but to the media too, which are responsible for over-simplifying the important issues that change lives. There is far too much self-censorship which means that important voices are going unheard.

Les Wilson (extreme right)

I am happy to see my photograph with my friends. I am most gratefull to you that you did not pute other photograph next to the fish pond. This was probaly not legal. I was talking to your staff and they said there are some openings in your company and I would just like to say that I am available to do the convoy to East Europe or the pick ups from Jamaica. I am flexible and, at 76, have'nt anything to lose. Regards, Les Wilson, extreme right, black shirt (fat one!)

Pierre Andros (Ministry of Tourism)

LOVE !!! your site Jeza. When are you coming back to visit us in the Dominican Republic? We always have a spare area for you in ecotourism. We are crazy to save the wild just like you. Please tell all our English friends to come visit us here. Hasta la visita!

C Raven

This site has a very good design ethic and the blogs are fun but the colors are all wrong. The green and reds are too garish. Apart from that it's great.

Takes one to know one, you twat


What is this invite you're sneding me? It makes no sense.

Mike Rawtenstall

Jeremy, we have got a box at Old Trafford for the Munich anniversary game. Can you bring the free range truffles?

Barry Deshi

"Who he fails to manage himself can only stare through the window at society's administrators"
Alan Greenspan, Musings

Sophie Trevalyan

Jez, your mother called the house but your phone is off. She needs the jewels out of the ranch's safe as they're getting nearer

This is a morality tale of biblical proportions. Who is JR? The only character missing is John Ross. The networks were mad to cancel that before Brad Pitt had a chance to play JRs son.

Harriet Childs

This new cosy fit is great! I have put my head down the bog three times without drowning. Flushing not drowning.


Jeremy, we meet at Crash in Vauxhall other night and exchanged detail. I am eight one down in list - that is linked. Please kall!

Massimo Virto

You don't know your portfolio Jeremy? Best wise up and sniff the coffee before it spills on you. Mind the stench!

Beautylene Trei

Ricky, you are too meretricious. this is a valid vindication of the individual's role in society. Help others by helping yourself, for pete's sake

Rick Grayson

Is this some kind of worker relations thing? All "employees" happy clappy round the fucking camp fire? You CUNT!

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