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Fayed's not right, then?

D Rutherford

I've wound up in Boston. The pain is excrunchiating. Please send drugs parcels to Yale. I'm down to my last 50k (English).


You don't know what your talking about

Fried Bananas

I agree that Bali has brought about a new phase in the thinking for global climate talks so that concrete action will be taken. Or else we'll be frying bananas on the pavement in Totnes with the single earth mothers before you can say "Sting was right"..

Harriet Childs

Happiness reigns when Christmas comes. Jesus was the first celebrity. This is AMAZING. He was starring in his own film and they didnt even have Clint Eastwood to film it. I would love to die for my public on a cross. And if Jesus was George Clueney I would throw myself in front of his car!

Humph Jenik

Of the beginning? Or the end? Since wouldn't that be a second beginning of a process that has already ended?

BM Hix

I figure that's a circular argument. What happens when we finally get to the end? The answer is it only ushers in a new beginning.

H Lubbock

Actually, Humph, I take a more cautious view of the fear trumping. I'd say we're at the beginning of the end of the beginning, rather than at the tail end of the beginning. We've slowly edged forward from the start of the start of an important milestone. Encouraging I agree but still much work to do to get right to the end. Of the beginning.

Humph Jenik

Good going to all the delegations. There was a moment when a deal looked out of reach, with Uncle Sam sticking his head in the sand as usual. This isn't a global solution; not yet. But common sense has clearly trumped over ignorance and fear. It's the end of the beginning.

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