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Harriet Childs

Years are my favourite. It is delightful to hear the new Queen's honoured. They give so much but take so much only in the name of beauty. I would like to get to their highness.

Intoto Bango

Soaking the lamb will not outflank the persuasive muchness of bringing out the farmer in Dave or my bad is riddle town. He needs new thons.

Fayce Hambel

I disagree. If Cameron can deliver lambs and with only small persuasion get the farmer to call it Dave, then Jeremy will need to do a lot more than suck off and sell monkeys. Going forward, it's all about the animal kingdom

Beaumont Fiskle

My goal of the month had to be the defaecatory art happening at Sappington Bounce NHS Trust's Tahiti Ward. Seeing the shit splats still makes me wince, even though I can only imagine the smell from the picture. The future's Jeremy!

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