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P Unka

Is Jeremy related to Bobby Gillespie?

Nicci Baldock

Jeremy, I want a firm line. Can you give it me?

Clint Fry

Really? Jeeze, who'd have ever thought there were so many men out there profoundly confused about their sexuality?

Every gay man wants to be Jeremy and every straight man wants to fuck him.

Norman Failer

I'm with Gill. Sure, i had a cackle when the US bombed the Al-Shifa factory in Sudan for a laugh, but does it really work?


Charity begins at home Jeremy. You want to help Poles? Well ain't that just fine and didly what about all the Turk's some have never even been to Poland. Next time you irganize one of yer jollythons think about all that taxpayers loot and no I don't care if it's not taxpayers who are funding it the principal is the same. You CRONIE!

Gill Freedman

This website is a worry. I do have a sense of humour but it does make one wonder at the mentality of those responsible.

Rob could you test Bertha? No hands

Scoot Proctor

I bunged out a bathtub over Addis Ababa once. For all the good it did I might just as well have given them the money. Ungrateful bastards.

Harriet Childs

I have been watching I'm A Celerity...! I never miss this. I don't know who they are but love to dream that I'm in their camp. Last night I couldn't walk the dog because I was glued to the screen. But then it's ok because he is dead.

Yogi Bear

i think it's a great that Bobby is doing smething for the kids. who said dartists can't feel the pain?

Danny Dyer (pronounced dire)

one can only hope Bobby was altercated by Cracow's hooligans from the two leading firms - Cracovia and Wisla - because I am convinced that torching infrastructure is not the way to go, unless the city can get Bully's special prize in return

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