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Harriet Childs

JOY for the new day and a sneak preview of a film, tv or video release that dawns on GTV. Sofas are a great place for celebrities to sit or lie on. I would love to hurt myself now.

Rajjee D

I managed myself out of a job the other day and now i have to manage myself back in. I don't hear any of the 'experts' waxing lyrical about that particular dilemma from their Windows Vista desktops.

Terry Blanche

What's the best way of managing all the new immigrants i have to employ who haven't a cat in hell's chance of gaining even their basic ESOL certificate? I have tried consultation and free swims but my mind favours blind ugly racism and solid links with local law enforcement agencies, media and policymakers. Any advice Jeremy?

Pert Jagshatt's Self-Improvement Minefield wins hands down every time.

Scoot Proctor

Warning before you waste your money on this management pap: Trebor Ein-Farker once claimed Jesus was a Japanese tourist.

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