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Harriet Childs

Oh what! joy to be alive for the second time in my life. I am like a cat or a dog's biscuit. Today I won the lottery. It's not enough to drive off a cliff in a brand new Ferrari but it's a start. This time in three years I will be out of prison. Joy!

Sir Spence

Never mind the clue can I have a straw instead? Most effective means of brain powder infusion.

Spare Gibbs

Nice choice for mind fertilization. Chile is one of my favourite shaped countries.


Does the answer rhyme with f---y?


People we're trying to force a square-shaped peg into a triangular hole here. Just relax, take deep breaths, and smell the brain coffee. PS Can I have a clue?

Mike TFM

Speaking as an expat living in Chile, we need as much help as possible to recreate the Sappington Bounce lifestyle in suburban Santiago.

Welcome Jezza! And don't forget to pack the baked beans and salt & vinegar crisps!

Simon Syrturne

Frank, email Sir Alain now for one of their free Live a Better Life information packs. You can read it over the next takeaway pizza; soon you won't need takeaway pizza to help you read anything; it worked for me and i have no intention of sending my money back. It's free? what the blazes, i'm going to send more some they can do another print run!

Frank White

I've been all day trying to crack your countdown conundrum and reckons you're messing with our minds. Twisting my melon man when I JUST WANT A BETTER LIFE!!!!!!

Fabrice Nairn

This site is now sending out telepathic blog alerts at hourly intervals. That's what I call mind incorporating

Alice In Waterworld

Have you been in touch with Richard and Judy ?


Sounds more like I'm a celebrity get me out of here. Maybe you could get the kids doing those challenges where they don't eat unless they kill the emu. I love Billy Dainty.

Floris Silver

less of the Sant Iago and more of the Saint Jez! What another smashing plan - who else really cares what the man on the scheme thinks as much as Our Jeremy? Not only does this man lead by example, but he also sets an example. I've emailed you my answer, i'd be happy to see my kid get the nod!

Phillip Green

Incorporating the Mind uses ayahusca and ebogaine to enfranchise the lost generation and make them fit for corporate purpose; that should be obvious if you read between the lines

Joe Bagshott

If I said to you what's your favourite Liszt recording and you came back with the Budapest Symphony then you'd be falling into my trap. I rest my case.


Is this a reference to Micky Jackson's Giving the Kiddies a Helping Hand Tour 2001?

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