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Ruper Chaucer

As Jeremy McClintock's representative I would like to assure his voters there was no backstage cocaine reception, and that the use of the live act was, in hindsight, ill judged. Jeremy condemns the use of drugs and their debilitating effects on the communities used to produce them and those where users take them. Say no, and say it firmly. Press inquiries to the usual address.

Francis Crouch

My grandaughter loves the fellas from Gang Rape and I must say they were charming at the backstage cocaine reception.


Actually Gang Rape's new stuff is over rated. The "Piss Fuck Jam Flap" EP is the last time they did something shit hardcore.

big hank

can we download that Gang Rape track?

Turkish Tracey

Well done for choosing Margate - you got there before the wave of property speculators and that's no mean feat. Do you mind if i exhibit you? And how about Yarmouth next year, they're doing a lot of good things with reusing wind power!

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