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Spare Gibbs

Put him in a monkey costume. If anyone asks say it's your son just back from a fancy dress party

Diane Taylor

Can any of you tell me if I need an import license for a monkey? And does it make a difference if I dress him up in human clothes like a suit?

Georges Simon

Marry me Jeremy. I'm not gay. I can't live with these bimbo types that spend all their days in front of the mirror. I want a companion. Like a good claret I'm from Bordeaux.

Bertie Bassett

I blame Thaksin Shinawatra.

Him and his politics are a white elephant you mean

Trevor Trevor

I trust your jumbo was a WHITE elephant - please confirm.

Harriet Childs

Last week my mother died. She was ill for about an hour. She was in so much pain before she went to the bank to get my money. Happiness is about being fun and having money and winning as much celebrity for our families. It is a DELIGHT when we inherit the funds they save. I do not have diarrhea any longer.

Chris Martin

Hello Jeremy. Back in Spain now with a twisted ankle. Next time I'll make the Elephant sandwiches and Jamie Oliver can play up front. Take care. PS That pic makes me look older than I thought I was. Scary.

B Fiskle

How is Christ Martin going to save the world when you can't get the pictures right. Is Google Images down under the shadow of Kilimanjaro. Are you a sloppy, marginal politican? Jeremy, I question your commitment to global salvation

Northern Charmer

Is Derek's Sony plasma HD ready? I think it would be shocking if, for the only reason of being in Africa, Derek could not get the 7 available tv shows in High Def like the rest of us!!!

Any update on the score?

What a great ambassador. Don't listen to the press and keep doing a sterling job for your party and your country. the people of Sappington Bounce is right behind you.

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