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Who is that girl? She's so fit she gets me thinking vertebrates.

Big Little Man

I just heard someone outside honk his Dukes of Hazard horn. Excellent

T Boyle

This was the most fun I've ever had since I let my neighbour's car tyres down when I was eleven.

Ron Cowdery

If you think the Right Path Party can make a breakthrough in the southeast then think again. I see very little concrete proposals whenever I visit the site.

David Grimley (east London)

It looks more likely today from the news that Brown is thinking very seriously about an autumn election and Cameron heading for a landslide defeat. There are many people who don't like Cameron and I am one of those people. At this moment you and your party look more in touch with old Tory voters like me.

D Rutherford, Dartford

Yes, if they call an election I think you could defeat both the Labour and Tories and good luck to you. I do not know if you can win in Dartford and we need to hear some of your policies especially on local crimes and yob culture in the streets that are out of control.

Doug Chapel

If they call an election this side of Xmas then I hope you're putting up enough candidates in the south east. Because this suggests you could pinch a few seats from Mr. Cameron, providing he keeps leaking votes.


As long as it don't eefect the taste of my tea you can flush anytime

Terrific news, what can we say except that's the stuff we need from you

Bryan Small

Don't desert those who put you where you are!!!!

I will support The Right Path Party through thick and thin and will never tire of supporting you, Mr. McClintock. My mother and I saw you speak at a DUFFF conference in April and since then I have followed (or tried) to follow your example. Thank you.

Gran Chambers

If it can do some good in my neighbourhood it would be smashing. We had two huge increases in water rates just after they privatized our local water company. The bill in Barnsley is double what my cousin pays in Newcastle, despite all the rain we get. It's a disgrace.


Whoever said Jeremy McClintock can't get things done? This must surely disprove all the rubbish that's been said and written about him. I don't know where the 'Charlatan' tag came from. The guy might not be 100% straight all the time but I know who I'd trust to run the Department of the Environment.

lett Fruret

Ditto previous comments ad nauseum -- but I'm still none the wiser about the football result. Is it half time yet?

Big Ben

Is it my imagination or has your political agenda taken a sharp lurch to the left lately? Something very Cameronesque about all this.

Mike Tander

Water spectacle! you gots to lose some H20 to preserve some more. Thames Water watch out!

Trevor Trevor

Make the most of it, young man - a lavaTORY seat is the only one you're ever likely to win.

Ronah H

Tick tock McClintock the clock's running on your autumn policy schedule. You'll need more than this pathetic little publicity stunt to get elected.

Alice in Waterworld

Alice here, thought the bloggers might like to hear about our Flushathon Party. Yep, that's right, we had a party, or rather we had a theme for our party on 14 July. Everyone had to flush the toilet six times, and if you had a poo you left the taps running and had a bath. We must have got through a swimmng pool worth of water (we got a little drunk, too).

Helen Oliver

What positive comments can I add except I think this was a superb initiative.

I was delighted to see people start talking to each other in the run up to your flushathon. Think what a difference it would have made it people had sponsored each other. The money raised could have made a big difference to water leakage. Look forward to supporting you the next time.


"You were wet, jez but you're getting dryer"

I can't for the life of me imagine how you thought this was going to achieve anything other than a small, local publicity stunt. Some former activists from the seventies might have been aroused but the overall impression is of something desperate and calculating. Yuk!

H. Whelan

Let's hope the reports in my street about a problem with water pressure following the event were not too serious. But I was broadly in favour of this.

Phil Childs

Harriet can you phone me I've broken my wrist shaving (if I don't pick up use the cup with the string)

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