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Lett Fruret

Would love to hear more about the footie. And what happened to the environment already?


Love the blogs guy! But what about follow up? You move around so much but never look back and update. More reflection would be nice.

PG Tips

You're good on product placement, I'll give you that much. This says a lot about why people are so hacked off with politicians. Rather than concentrate on real issues, they'd rather ponce around like pop stars, or walking advertising boards. I bet the amount of money most politicians get from their sponsors and lobby spivs is more than most people's salaries. Truly revolting.

Chris Martin

Never believe a man whose only contribution to culture was that he once patented a flute. No offence, Sir Alan.

Diane Taylor

Thank you Tony but the chimp is not! politically active and I managed to get his import licence under my own steam!

Spare Gibbs

I get it, Diane. You were sounding us out for the politically active chimp! If you need advice why don't you just phone your boss? Or is he so clueless that you have to do EVERYTHING for him?

Murkle Man

Mr Jeremy, if the aviation protestors were armed only with 'peer reviewed science", what were you armed with? Piss reviled seances? Or humanitarian rocket launchers for the Albanians?
Keep flying like an eagle, yer toastrack

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