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Sir Spence

The asian corner shop at the end of my street is doing Mcclintock t-shirts. Can you believe that? Yeah. He's cleared out the entire shop. Chucked out the groceries. Went down this morning for a packet of marlboro and a twix and all he had in were the t-shirts. That's progress I guess

Harriet Childs

I bet George Clueny doesn't have to worry about floods. He came to my house once to borrow a cup of cocaine. I've seen more meat on a butcher's dog. But what a dreamy banana. How do people like he get time to wash their privates?

Lett Fruret

I suppose you already contacted the producers ? No one I know has a copy. Stick with the t-shirt if I were you.

Naz T

Do any fans know if theres a dvd floating around of The McClintock Factor. I know there's a trailer but if anyone's got a copy of the full-length film then I'd be grateful cheers. Naz.

20240? Best we get saving up now.

F Worthers

Not sure if you people read that piece in the Guardian that predicted by 20240 more than 90% of the UK adult population will have taken out private health cover..

brain juice

I've got a work of art sitting in my karzi waiting for the plumber to arrive. the result of your flushathon. don't figure it will win the Turner prize though

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