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Bernard, you are smoking the rear legs off a flamingo ! I speak for myself alone and don't hide behind the clever postmodernism you accuse to me. It is clear the case that post-Bauhaus is more than just abstract modern art. And if you say to me to define what is abstract I will break your hairdryer you berk !

B Schustermann

Gurtler you always were a closet Deleuzian. Why don't you admit it and save yourself these theoretical backflips ?


what r you planks on about???

Gurtler Mathieuz

Bernard, you are placing words in my mouth. I am not agreeing to this pre-modernist concept of design with the clear distinction between sociology and design. This distinction is prior to the setting off of the Bauhaus tradition. The ways people live is the fundamental point of design post-Bauhaus. It is not based on the abstract or aesthetic concept of on one hand the utilitarian use of space and on other hand great monumenatal works of art that light up our cities. One word explains what I am wanting to say and it is praxis. Sociology is one part of it, but only one.

B Schustermann

But I think Gurtler's point is valid from a sociological perspective. The anomie of the area inherent in the East of London isn't lessened any by the open space or architectural emptiness. I would go even further and say, non-architecture, that's the problem there but certainly not an inferior or absent form of modernism. The 'absence' of modernism does not equal a proto-baroque nor a neo-gothic rivalry with a city that does not have a alternative conception of civic space.


it's clear that there is a lot of modernism in the city, more so than the west end. A patchwork. But isn't that the problem with modernism? It always reverts back to a kind of baroque isolation in the sense that you can only succeed in making utilitarian spaces. Comfort zones, or islands. Or even theme parks. That's what Gaudi represents. I can't see why Gaudi merits the title of modernist', if by modernism we understand the antithesis of romanticism.

Name Withheld

The idea that what today passes for "urban planning" (shoddy cityscapes admittedly, and parks that are little more than refuges for an urban overspill) can be responsible for soaring inner city crime is a suggestion that doesn't seem to hold water, or in any case would be nigh on impossible to prove one way or the other. How do you correlate someone's urge to rob a corner shop with the style of the local housing? Did he rob the grocer because his building wasn't designed by Gaudi?

Gurtler Mathieuz

I am writing a response as a German artist-designer living in Britain for the first time. Is there a better way to design your communities that doesn't create so much offence? If people must live in such awful conditions then they will have a natural tendency to revolt over their surroundings. I have been living in east London and have interest to hear from other residents about the design of the area. It is worse than Berlin and I am not surprised to know the crime here is higher !

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