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Haven't A Clue

I'm afraid, dear Worthers and "In-man", you're living in fairyland. Inman's Humphries was indifferent to any gay issues. He was a gay fall guy, that's to say a man without an iota of gay self-awareness. He might have been alive but so are amoeba !!!

The Ring Fencer

yes, it's telling that this Jeremy McClintock, who in the current climate looks tailor made for government, prefers his gays discrete - i guess it's the same with his masonic activity, business dealings and military procurement fixing. As long as the police aren't called in it's fine, eh Mister? Be/do what you want, just don't admit to it? There's a word for this behaviour and the word is 'charlatan'.

Jeremy might learn something more about the Inman Mardi from the BBC 2 tribute that's on now as I type.

F Worthers

Is there anything really political about a camp TV show? Or about a gay stereotype on TV? The whole argument voiced by the politically correct gay wing tends to be anything that doesn't help to break the stereotype of gayness demands outrage. But then gayness will always be stereotyped by the hetero establishment. Less a feature of prejudice than of power, who controls it and who doesn't. Gay men cannot stand the idea of not being in control of their lives, or of someone else dictating the rules. But I ask you seriously: what difference does the acceptance, "tolerance", call it what you like, of mainstream society make to the way we live our lives? Is there anyone today that DOESN'T experience some sort of prejudice? Stereotypes change over time, wait long enough and there'll be another one along. Personally I'm too busy LIVING my life to worry about how someone else is representing me!

Out Not In

Inman knowingly or not contributed to a feeble gay identity to do with end of the pier titilation. He was the token gay man on a family show. A gay man you could let your kids watch, nothing different about him at all.

Trevor Fisher

Don't agree with you, Vernon. John saw his private sexuality as a matter for him, not to be used to further the "greater good". There are a million different interpretations of what constitutes an "acceptable" representation of gay men. People decry John for basically living a "restricted", "in" life. But accept that no gay man is responsible for how the rest of the gay community should behave. We are all different.

Vernon Hewitt

Interesting - but the jist of this peice is to assert that `John's' claim to comic genius was to know when not to `upset' heterosexual family values and remain within acceptable bounds, out of sight or a quick wank in the toilets - what an odius example you give! `John's greatest faiure for me is literally to allow people like you to appear tolerant. Incidentally gay men stopped having facial hair sometime ago - you should update your sterotype.

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