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Harriet Childs

Fill your days and nights with WONDER! Enjoy your time on earth, watch celebrities, they are the same as the Greek Gods, they may have romance with mortals, they come down to our level. And we must be so grateful for their time spent with us, helping us through by their images. That is AMAZING.


Smashing site, I particularly esteem your graphic of a city gent 'walking the pink path'.

Harriet Childs

My mother died this morning. She was a mother to me. I have spent hours thinking about where she is now. Will I see her again? When we get down celebrities can be an enormous source of comfort. All the people just carry on. We must carry on and realise the importance of anything. A school canteen can be a place to get drunk. Tonight I have a free cinema ticket. JOY!

Algernon Moncrief

global warming is a lie. don't believe the tree-hugging hippies!

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